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The Content Kit

Master the art of Content Marketing.

What We Do

Digiclicks 6 step Content Kit has been purposefully designed to enable your brand to master the art of content marketing and reap its benefits. It is an innovative, no-nonsense solution to help you consistently create high end, engaging content for your brand online, all under one roof. It’s the solution to an array of questions that we have found many of our clients ask such as:

  • How do I grow my engagement on Instagram? Quality, authentic content.
  • How do I generate more leads through Google without having to pay? Relevant, frequent content.
  • How do I increase my brands reach on Facebook without having to pay? Share worthy content.
  • How do I shape peoples perception of my brand? Professional content production.

The content kit allows you to fulfil all the above goals. Using state of the art videography and photography equipment we create unique content for your social media channels and/or website every single month that we know your audience will love. We can even utilise our influencer network to get the most ideal model on board with your brand, sharing their experience using your products on set gives your channels an instant follower boost.

How It Works